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Play: Advocate Farukh Shaikh speaks on Oral & Documentary Evidence in Criminal Trial at Nashik Bar Association on June 02, 2020 Play: Bombay Bar Assn Workshop - Mr. S. U. Kamdar, Senior Advocate speaks on “Struggle to Success – Journeys in Law” on 28 January 2020. Play: Mr. Mahesh Jethmalani, Sr. Adv. speaks at 3rd Lecture in Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon Memorial over Making our Criminal Justice System Work Play: High Court Senior Lawyer S. Ramachandra Rao Face to Face Supreme Court Judges Press Meet || NTV Play: Senior Advocate Fali S Nariman speaks at Jindal Global Law School seminar on 'International Arbitration and India'.
Play:Sr. Adv. Ramesh Gupta, the Defense Counsel in the high profile case of Sanjeev Nanda BMW Hit n Run case teaches the Art of Cross-Examination in Criminal Cases. Play: Ms. Sona Khan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India speaks Play:Mr. Sudeep Pasbola, is a leading criminal defence attorney in Mumbai discussion on Evidence Act Play: Mr. Janak Dwarkadas Senior Advocate on Art of advocacy at the workshop was conducted on September 7, 2018 Play: Constitutional expert and a leading lawyer, Fali Nariman, speaks
Play: Supreme Court Senior Advocate - Mr. Justice Fakhruddin (Rd.) interview Play: Senior Advocate, Supreme Court Mr. Colvin Gonsalves at Amity University, U P Play: K.C John Senior Advocate of Kerala High Court speaks Play: MP and Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India - Shri. Ram Jethmalani Play: Senior Lawyer of Supreme Court, High Courts of India Ram Jethmalani speaks
Play: Senior Lawyer of Supreme Court, High Courts of India Ram Jethmalani speaks Play: Senior advocate B V Acharya said that though CJI has absolute powers in case allotment, he could have taken 'Brother Judges' into confidence and sorted out the matter.      



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