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Play: UK: High Court Judge Recognises Sharia Divorce - Now for a long time, the left have told us that Sharia doesn’t pose a threat in Britain Play: US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer presentation on International Law, followed by a conversation with Dean Christopher Play: A Nairobi lawyer was arrested by Cop at the Supreme Court of Kenya alongside a S Court judge who is under investigation and facing arrest in the coming days. Play: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has served as a US Supreme Court Justice since 1993, discusses her illustrious life and career. Play: Philippines SC Chief Justice De Castro told media that it was time to move on and work together for the good of the Judiciary in her first press conference in Manila on 28 August 2018
Play: Chief Justice John Roberts stood up to the president, who called a case in the 9th Circuit "a disgrace."        



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