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Play: DSLSA: Mr. Vikas Pahwa, Sr Advocate, High Court of Delhi spaeks on Dimension fo Judicial Discretion in Bail Matters with Special Reference to spl Laws on June06, 2020 Play:DSLSA: Mr. J. P. Singh Sr. Advocate, High Court of Delhi speaks on LandLord Tenant Conflict - Law, Issues & Remedies. Play: Hon'ble Shri Justice Indrajit Mahanty, Judge, Orissa High Court & Executive Chairman Orisa State Legal Service Authority Play: Hon'ble Kumari Justice Sanju Panda, Judge, Orissa High Court and Chairperson, Orissa High Court Legal Services Committee Play: Lok Adalat - People's Court from Whistleblower News India,Rizwan Siddiqui explains its purpose and establishment.
Play: District Legal Services Authority, Cuddalore, held a Legal Awareness Camp on Senior Citizens & Parents Rights at Town Hall. Play: Lok Adalat is one of the alternative dispute redressal mechanisms, where court pending cases are settled amicably. Play: The future of legal aid in India- Jane E. Schukoske and Navneet Narwals Play: Lok Adalat (people's courts), established to settle desputes through conciliation and compromise. Play: Coming-soon Latest Videos of the Solicitor General of India, Additional. Solicitor General of India and Assistant Solicitor General of India and Programs



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